The Hottest Outdoor Gadget of 2022 Can Help You and Your Family Members Stay Safe In The Dark!

By Marcus Crown | Published today at 9:23 am

(TECH REVIEW - NEW GADETS REPORT)- Combining safety, style, and comfort, Illumalyte is the hottest new gadget and outdoor accesory on the market.

Running at night, camping, rock climbing, construction work, at home maintenence... TECH REVIEW takes a look at the newest product that is being called - "The Best Present of 2020."

"Honestly, who doesn't love a present that is both practical, safety-driven and fun?", product reviewer of the Outdoor and Health Expo told us. "We always look for products that have both function and form - this one is an amazing safety tool, and its a lot of fun. And it's not just for the adults - the kids love it too. Backyard campouts - night walks - scary basements, we've heard all kinds of stories from our readers talking about how they've used theirs and how much fun they've had with it. That's why we're listing it as one of the our Top Must-Haves Of 2022!"

What is the Illumalyte Anyways?

Illumalyte is the new-age safety headlamp that has gone viral amongst outdoor enthusiasts owing to its multi-function design, powerful features, superior comfort & stylish minimalistic design, making the old bulky & bouncy headlamps a thing of the past.

What makes Illumalyte so great? Well, its versatility, it's ease of use, its functionality, and its ability to keep its users safe in some of the scariest situations.


Did you know - 84% of pedestrian fatalities from 2015 until now happened during night, dawn, or dusk?

That means, staying visible is the #1 thing you can do to ensure your nighttime walks and rides safe. Hands free, easy to use, and adjustable, Illumalyte is the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one who loves to get out and walk or ride the roads at nigh! Keep safe - and do it with ease!


So... What Does This Have That Others Don't?


  • Only .16 Pounds
  • 8 House of Batter Life
  • 5 Light Modes
  • 230 Meters of Coverage
  • and a 30 day Money Back Guarantee!

It blows it's competition out of the water - especially at with the amazing sale they are having!

Over 2000 Hikers Get Lost Every Year...

It's not just road safety you have to worry about. If you are an outdoors person, Illumalyte can save your life! Over 2000 people get lost on trails in this country every year. And of those 2000 people - many cite darkness as the reason they are getting lost. With Illumalyte, you don't have to worry about darkness on the trail ever again! With it's longer than average battery life, you know you or your loved ones will be safe and prepared!



There are so many ways Illumalyte can help keep you and your loved ones protected!

We Love Illumalyte - But, we wanted to ask actual users what they thought - we got loads of answers, here are just a few!

Emily and Michael: "We love hiking. We love the outdoors. But, after a scary experience one evening, running across a stranger on a trail at dusk, we realized we needed to be more prepared. We started a safety kit we bring in our backpacks. Illumalyte is one of favorite tools.

We don't fear getting lost in the dark, and people leave you alone when you are shining a light right on their face, no matter what time of the evening it is. Illumalyte has helped us fear safer in our adventures - plus its super easy to use, and was a great price!

The Miller Family: "We Are a CAMPING FAMILY. Whether its at the local campground, or state park, or just in our own backyard, it's one of our favorite family activities. We got Illumalyte last year when our girls wanted to try sleeping out back on their own. (They didn't last all night) but we got them Illumalyte so that they could walk back and forth from the tent to the house without tripping. They love them. They had a blast staying up a little late and reading and coloring in the backyard tent.

Plus - when we actually go camping we bring them as a safety tool for hikes, for when we need to use the bathroom at night, for when we need to collect more firewook. They really havea million uses. We love them!"

"Illumalyte Works To Ensure Safety And Comfort With Nighttime Activities" 

It's pretty clear to us that Illumalyte has it's users in love. We got thousands of great reviews - and because of that, the makers of Illumalyte are putting their product on sale - FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. Only while supplies last. And frankly, we think these things are going to fly off the shelf, so if we were you.... we'd stock up quick!

Now, I bet you are wondering, after all this research - did we end up buying one? The answer? Yes. I bought one for myself, for my mom (a devoted neighborhood walker), for my brother - an DIY homeowner, and my teenage son, an avid hiker and camper. For me? I use it on my nighttime bike rides, so I can see and bee seen. And I love it. ZERO Complaints. I love the how easy it is, how light it is, and how much safer it makes me feel.

So my advice? Get your Illumalyte While Supplies Last!


(Since this is the first time our Illumalyte  is available online, they are offering a PROMO for new users - GET UP TO 40% OFF! Claim yours now before supplies are gone and the price goes back up)

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 Natalie Myers  
Awesome to hear, I love nighttime walks
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 Clifton Carter  
I'm a third grade school teacher - we use ours for going out on our "science walks"
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 James Patelino  
i didn't order the PROMO sample last time they had this promo. i'm not going to miss it again lol
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 Lucas Gordon  
My friend sent me this article.Purchasing now!
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 Josh Ramirez  
I love this. Much cooler than the one I have now.
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 Jennifer Carter  
My husband is getting this for his birthday.
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 Ankit Patel  
wow! that looks amazing
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 Kevin Clemmons  
I wanted to take up nighttime walks with the wife but was worried about our safety - this looks like it would do the trick!
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 Jennifer Stucko  
Our son loves to ride his bike around the neighborhood - we throw this onto his bike should it start to get dark on his way home - works great!
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